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Test Automation using Selenium & Java

Selenium topics and Java OOPs concepts along with advanced TestNG framework

Course Description

Note: This training will be covered with latest Selenium 4.x version. Selenium WebDriver is a leading web automation testing tool in industry. It is one of the most popular tool. Selenium WebDriver jobs are on a rise and are highly paid and highly valued. Industry is shifting towards automation rapidly. Today, every start up, product based and service based companies need Automation QA Engineer to automate their web apps. With more and more applications becoming accessible through browser it becomes very important to learn Selenium WebDriver. This course is designed to teach in depth concepts of Selenium WebDriver 3 and Java. We focus on the basics first and then move towards the advance concepts of Selenium, Java and framework development. Part -1: Basics of Java & Selenium 1) Introduction to Automation 2) Core Java/Programming 3) Installing IntelliJ IDE 4) Setup IntelliJ 5) WebDriver Interface 6) Browser & Navigation Commands 7) WebElement Commands 8) Locators 9) Element Identification 10) Tables, Checkboxes & Radio buttons 11) Selenium Waits, Alert & Switch Windows 12) Actions Class 13) Browser Profile Part -2: Advanced Selenium 14) TestNG Framework 15) Interview Questions NOTE : For more information regarding this course, please refer to the PDF link

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